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Hello! I sort of abandoned this blog to be more active on Facebook when I paint because it’s easier to conduct business there but I’m in a very tight spot with money at the moment and could use some more advertising!

All of my work usually ranges from £3-£25 and done on canvas and I’m super reasonable and can pretty much do whoever you like! I love doing anime and portraiture but I can maybe dabble in some other stuff if you want me to~

The pop art portraits are only £15 and I can do them quickly and they make PERFECT presents!

Message me here or on Facebook if you are interested and please, please reblog this to spread word~

Jade xo

A4 Stamp Portrait of Scarlett Johansson
Acrylics on canvas
A5 Panty and Stocking
Acrylics on canvas

Fight Like A Girl.

(Buffy Summers, to be specific.)

A4 prints £5

A5 prints £3

I’m having a sort of clearance sale until all of this is gone.

I painted all of these for a specific event and this is all of the stuff that’s left over. I’m in desperate need of money so I’m cutting down the prices and boosting this as much as I can. I hate to do this because I know how much it annoys everyone but I am working part time jobs as much as my free time allows me too, because I have to spend a lot of my time looking after my younger brother and sister. I’m starting my first year of college soon and I’m really, really panicking about my financial situation.

You don’t have to buy anything but I would really appreciate it if you at least shared it with your followers.


(P&P not included, and prices will vary depending on where you live.)

Everything is painting on canvas using acrylics.

Thank you!!

I’ve not been doing much art at all recently so I’m making a comeback with this~
Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr ‘Stamp’ Portraits. 
For Sale £10 each
Acrylics on canvas

I got a drawing tablet (finally) but my feet are itchy and sore from bad sunburn and it’s driving me insane. I can’t work on proper art that takes concentration today :(

A4 Lonely Space Girl.
Acrylics on canvas.
A4 David Tennant ‘Stamp’ Portrait.
Acrylics on canvas.